Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Fun

A small trip with my Hannah-Claire to the boat launch turned out to be a full filled day of fishing.

She had a pole Glenn got her a month ago. He got it so she could fish with her cuz at the camp grounds. Hannah wanted to fish so we took off to the camp grounds to get her pole.

Afterwards we stopped of at the bait shop. We got a container of worms, paid, and we started looking at cane poles. I asked how much and the owner told Hannah-Claire to pick her out one, that it was on him :) That he tries to do one good deed a day!

It was hilerious!! We were in the bug and Hannah picked out the longest pole she could find. But, here we go down the road with 1/2 this pole hanging out the bug. I caught one fish and Hannah none. Hannah used almost the whole container of worms. We laughed and decided she was only feeding the fish. Later, Glenn showed up and said he thought her hook was too big to catch those little brim.

Hannah and I ended up staying till the sun went down. I had such a blast watching her fish. I have not fished since I was her age.

She is such a treat, I love her so much. I know she is growing up, but she still sees the joy in the smallest things.