Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 years and counting!

This is 3+ years worth of bills and junk mail that was literally piled up in the cabinets of the laundry room. (all that has accumulated since we moved into this house)

I am really good at organizing somethings and really bad at others. Someone at work gave us one of these cute small freezers for free. I needed a place to put it, cause it was not staying in the kitchen. So I attacked the laundry room. It put up a pretty good fight too.

I found 3 years worth of missing socks behind the dryer. Along with wash rags, underwear, and loads if pens and pencils. Not to mention the $2.30 I found in change and enough lit to kill a herd of buffalo. Much to my surprise, I did not run into any critters, alive or dead.

The cabinets are cleaned out now and back to being organized with my craft supplies and rubber stamps.

Two more pieces of furniture are in the laundry room now; and surprisingly there is still enough room to walk and turn around in. Just as long as I keep it clean I think it will all work out well.

There is a terrible mess in the kitchen, but it's almost like Spring cleaning. My AWESOME 60's table is going to be the center of attention!! :) I'll post pictures when all is clean.

I feel like I have accomplished a lot in a few hours, but a lot more to still do.


~"This place is so bad, they have signs above the urinals that say 'Don't eat the big white mint." ROADHOUSE