Wednesday, February 03, 2010

no apples here . . .

(you apple a day...okay never mind, HA)

After 16 years of marriage, I have NEVER been to the doctor's office with my husband. Now I have taken him to the ER a time or two, but never to a doctor's appointment.

Glenn has/HAD this large cyst on his shoulder/chest area. He has had it removed twice before, but it got bigger and bigger till it was time to remove it again.

I joked for the longest saying I seen it done on YouTube, that "I" could do it for him for free :) I could slice that thing open and squish it all out, but he is such a chicken, he wouldn't let me. So I told him, when he has it done, I AM GOING.

Here he is, waiting patiently as I am snapping shots till he gives me a dirty look!

The doctor came in, sliced it all open and squished that cottage cheese looking mess out. It was wicked awesome, lol! I was all up in the doctor's business, asking questions and being an onlooker. It was funny as crack mess but I knew my hubby was in pain. I don't think I couldn't have done it without squalling like a baby. That doctor was in no way easy going at it.

But hubby is alive and kicking, and here to tell the tale :)
(AND SO AM I, Hardy Har Har)