Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The momma had made a nest in one of the signal boxes in the company warehouse, this being where the babies were. Another lady and I dug the babies out of the garbage. The guys had run the momma off.

I found my hubby and he got me a rag and a small box to put them in they were so cold. I put them in front of a small heater I keep by my desk and got them all toasty warm. This being during the time I start calling people.

After calling just about everyone I knew and vet offices, I finally called the wildlife refuge and I spoke to the sweetest woman named, Amy. She said the wildlife refuge no longer took mammals as of last Summer. I didn't ask why, i just told her how the babies come about and what was going on with them.

She's been a volunteer there for 13 years. Another lady who was also a volunteer for 9years and Amy started a non-profit organization called WILD MAMMAL CARE OF ALABAMA.

She was in Birmingham, which is 1 to 1-1/2 hours away. She said that squirrel mommies will hunt and hunt for her babies, so if we put them back she might come back. It was so cold in the warehouse, when I was holding them they were like little ice cubes. So she said my other option was to take them to a vet and have then euthanized so I wouldn't see them starve and suffer. Or she could meet me to get them.

They were so sweet and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them at all. Every now and then I would touch them to see how warm they were. I didn't want to bake them. I would touch them and they would stretch and sometimes they would let out a little squeal. I rubbed one of their little ears and it's leg went up and down like a dog does, it was such sweetness. All during my life my mom and dad took in every single animal. Anyone found something hurt or needed care, they knew to call us. We had it all from the normal dogs and cats, to the abnormal of snakes, raccoons, skunks, and even mom nursed a pack of baby coyotes. I have bottle raised two kittens before but that's as far as I have gotten. I wanted the squirrels to live so bad, but I wasn't the one to do it.

Around 3, before Glenn and I left work, the guys in the warehouse said they saw the momma squirrel. So I decided to let them put them back and see if momma would come back. The heat was on then and up top of the warehouse, the guys said was very warm.

So that was that as of yesterday afternoon.....

This morning I get to work, they check on them. THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! We named them Matt and Steven, lol, after the guys in the warehouse.

They were warm and alive. We think the momma came back.

I called Miss Amy to tell her that and she was so excited. I had got a message at work from her and didn't know it. She was making arrangements to come get them from me but I never called her back. I told her what they looked like and she said they were about 2 days old. Squirrel moms are very nurturing mothers. They will hunt and hunt for their babies for miles. She said they would not have made it through the night without her, so she had to have come back and cared for them.

I am going to continue to watch Matt and Steven :) I have updates from time to time.


If you are in the Birmingham area and have a wild animal injured or missing parents, give her a call. 205-871-7803 Amy George with the WILD MAMMAL CARE OF ALABAMA.