Friday, March 07, 2008

I haven't had any pictures taken of me recently. I don't like my picture taken because no one catches my good angle. Well, yesterday, I took this one of myself at the library! Nice shot I must say myself . . . . .

Sure was nice out yesterday. While the girls played on the computers, I sat outside. Today it's cold and they say we are going to have a high chance of snow tomorrow. WE SHALL SEE! I bet we don't. Here it is March, the trees and flowers are blooming and they say we are getting snow. But, hey, as weird as our weather has been being, we probably will; a foot of it I hope.

Tomorrow I'l be over at Scrapbook Mania if anyone wants to stop by to say HI! I signed up Taylor and one of her friends to take LaTonya Disney Album Kit.

I'm trying to push off a sinus infection. First one I've had since my nose surgery, which I think was back in '02 or '03. It's been awhile anyway.

Have a good weekend! Misty