Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Been digging around on Etsy this morning . . . .

This would make for a neat page, I love this paper ribbon.

I had to get these cupcakes for Taylor. And I just got some old 45 records from the library Sunday, so I had to get these record tags too. I bought the records thinking they would look awesome on a scrap page. These are also cute (chick tags) with Easter coming up so soon this year.

All of these are amazing!! Scroll and boarders Oh and I am a sucker for Chandelier stuff.

I ordered 2 shirts from Treehouse28 and I LOVE THEM! Very well made, I keep looking at the arm warmers, but have not broke down to getting them yet. I get so cold when I scrap I thought these would help, but I just haven't got them yet, maybe soon; I think they are so cute and funkee!

I haven't complained much, but we are in a rental house at the moment (fixen to make an offer on a house!! Keep your fingers crossed) and since before Christmas I have not been able to use the kitchen sink, the plumbing is SHOT!! We has sewer coming up from the bathroom sink, but that got fixed. The owners have been getting plumbers out there, but so far 5 have showed up but none of them will do the work!! (So it must be pretty bad) Anyhow, during that bad storm last night, I wake to get a drink and now we have a leak in the kitchen! I keep thinking I sure hope they take our offer, cause I have GOT to get out of this rental. We've never rented before, but I don't know how renters do it. It's crazy! I want out sooooo bad.

I'm sitting here coughing my head off, but I don't feel near as bad as I did yesterday. I'm tired, but I slept 13 hours from yesterday afternoon till this morning. I shouldn't be.

Well, I am closing out the month tday, better get back to work, Misty