Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I didn't get a monetary gift today, but I did get a sweet wake up kiss and Happy Valentine's Day from Glenn and the girls.

Yesterday I was out looking for something to give the girls for V-Day and I didn't wanna waste money on, YET ANOTHER, stuffed animal. They have close to 500 (yes, I am exaggerating) stuffed animals and I didn't want to add to the collection. So I found some kewl folders, colored notebook papers and markers. Taylor love sharpies and they had a pretty set of pastels that I knew she would love and Hannah-Claire will take anything she can write or draw with. I got tissue paper and made a flowers from it. I waited till they were asleep to wrap the gifts. Then I laid it close beside them and laid a flower on top.

Glenn laid Hannah-Claire by me this morning, part of our "rub me till I wake up" regimen. Both of us were still in light doze mode and Taylor runs in and asked, "CAN I OPEN MY PRESENT!!!???" Hannah-Claire sits up and yells, "WHAT PRESENT??" So, we are all awake now and Taylor starts telling Hannah there was a present in her room and if she had got up by herself she would have seen the present next to her. Hannah Jumps out of bed and runs to get her present. She runs back wanting to know where I got the stuff and I acted as I didn't have a clue to what she was talking about. I got her to believing there was a CUPID and he left the stuff for her. She asked why he didn't come every year like SANTA and I said he must not have the powers Santa has. He can only go to so many houses a year and he finally made it to ours. I said, it might take another 8 years before he makes it around again. (I tell you, the crap we tell our kids) I was surpried I could even keep a straight face. Hannah said, "and everyone at school said Cupid was a myth." Taylor is just looking at me with a "I don't believe that and you know it" look. She later wispered in my ear, "Thank you and I love you too!"

I left for work and Hannah-Claire was still believing Cupid left her that gift :)

We'll be home tonight and I think I will cook a really nice dinner for us all. HVD! M


Lisa said...

that's a nice happy way to wake up on valentine's day!! have a happy one!!