Thursday, January 10, 2008

AH . . .that's it's raining! (yeah, that's all I got)

Just sitting here in my quiet little office drinking my coffee before everyone else gets here. Coffee is good, or THIS cup is good. I didn't have to make it this morning, therefore, making it good! The coffee fairy made it this morning, he's bald and he has a goat-tee! tee hee hee

It's suppose to get bad here today. Deep down I hope it does, that way the schools will let out and I will HAVE to leave work to get the girls. **clapping riotous** YEAH ME and them!!

Taylor had her first sax lesson yesterday after school and she says she liked it. Of course, 14 year old have the gift of looking you right in eyes and lying through their teeth. She did great in my opinion, it was fun to watch. She's been playing for going on 4 years, but she is wanting to get better. This year she is wanting to try out for Jazz Band. Being in Varsity Band doesn't really teach her how to play solos. She has other issues she said she hopes he can help her with. He seems patient and that's what she needs. I got my sax player and my drummer, maybe they'll be famous one day.

I had this cute video of Hannah-Claire and her drums, but I can't get it to post, oh well, another time I guess.

I know there are alot of picture takers out there, I found these kewl cameras from URBAN OUTFITTERS. If anyone reads this and has purchased one, I'd love to hear how it worked out for you or if it a piece of C-R-A-P. I luv UO, they have a really neat variety of oddities.

Diana Camera, Lomography, and Pop Cam.

I am SO buying this, and this! I don't think that position is possible except with blow-ups or if she or {I} only weighed 25 lbs. Again, I'd love to hear from you for details! PLEASE!

Lastly, I'll end my post with these cuties from Etsy. (I'm already on the hunt for Easter Basket goodies) Taylor loves cupcake items and Hannah-Claire...........skulls.

Good Thursday! M