Friday, January 25, 2008

I can't wait to get home today. It's been a ruff week here at work and home, just lots to do and I am tired. I've got alot of clothes to wash and I need to clean a little, the house is a nightmare!!

There's a few good movies coming out tonight. Taylor has a date with the girls; mall and movies, the things all 14 YO's love to do! I'm the sad little puppy who get to follow along. I think they pick MEET THE SPARTANS to go see. Seems funny on TC, we shall see.

Taylor was playing around with her flag the other night I got a ton of pictures. I love to watch her. I wished she was using her pretty flag though instead of that plain purple one, but it does match her coat :)

This past Monday Tater came to work with me. (she asked too and yeah, I made her WORK!!) I was one of the poor souls who had to work, so sad.

other than this, I really have nothing. I'm going to order some pics off snapfish and then I leave in an hour and a half, YEAH ME! Have a good weekend.