Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's actually quiet nice to blog again, I wanna say I missed it, but I really don't remember thinking about it much the past few weeks. I've been worried about Glenn and other BS in our family lately, but I feel back at home typing away.

We were on vacation last week and it was wonderful. No where to go, but we found plenty to do. I cleaned house, washed up the clothes, went swimming, and drove back and forth alot to the school, Taylor had band camp last week and THIS WEEK too. I'm nuttier because of it, will be glad when it is O-V-E-R!

I just had lunch and I have a lot to tell, but don't where to start. I've mentioned hubby this morning, so the bestest news I guess is that I got a new vehicle.

It's mine now...but really it is Taterbug's. Next year she will be driving, so we decided to get something she wanted, drive it for awhile and when she gets her license, then get me something else. It's a drastic change from my SUV, but I like it very much. It's a straight shift and I had been wanting another SS car for a long time, but they are few and far between now. My first 3 cars were SS and I've never really felt right without one. AND the cost $70- $75 in gas to fill the SUV up and I got around 375 miles on that. Now I can fill this thing up with around $35.00 and I got 360 miles from it. Who can complain about that! The payment is $150 less too. Taylor has always wanted a bug and now I am excited that we will be able to give it to her. (OF COURSE IF IT IS NOT WRECKED BEFORE THEN) But,KNOCK ON WOOD, I've never wreaked before. I've side-swiped someone before, but no wreak :)

This week, I took Hannah-Claire and her cousin Kirby to the splash pad at the park. Here are a few pictures that I thought turned out pretty well.

Is this not the cuteset thing!!!!!!!!!!

They had a fun time and I enjoyed watching them. Afterwards, we walked across the road to the rose garden. The City built the garden early last year and I can't say I have really paid much attention to it, but it was gorgeous. I had not realized how much work was put in to it and how fast those flowers grow.

I haven't taken pics of the garden as I would like to have, but we have be up to our eye balls in cucumbers! But the girls just about have them eat up before we get in the door with them. Hannah-Claire is ticked about her watermelons though. I figure in a week or so, they will be eating up the watermelon. She is a doll, she checks her "baby" watermelons everyday!

Taylor, a couple of her friend's and my niece Holly went to a Harry Potter book release party. As much as I love the Potter series, I sure hated this party. It was very boring and a tad unorganized. I was sitting there wishing I had a magic wand that I could have zapped myself right on out of there. Your thinking....WHY DIDN'T you JUST LEAVE???? I would have left, but it wasn't a book store, and I ordered my book from an individual. I didn't wanna leave till I was able to get my book. I was invited to the party by a co-worker, so I didn't know anyone and neither did the girls.

I started on a book that I've feel in love with, and for the love of squirrely, I can't remember the name. It's not a big book at all and the more I look at it, I think I should have been done with it, like....3 or 4 days after I got it, but I'm still reading it, lol.

Saturday, I saw the movie NO RESERVATIONS, and it was very good. I enjoyed it, who can't appreciate a lovely actress and a hot guy? Terrific and very heart warming. Considering I almost didn't even make it.

Sometimes it is so hard to enjoy a movie when you just spent your life's savings on popcorn and a small coke. The girls and I saw the Harry Potter movie the day it came out and it was awesome. I must say that I think I enjoyed it more not having read that book yet because afterwards I got to reading all the mistakes that true Harry fans mentioned. But there were things I didn't understand that was, of course, explained in the book. Over all, I loved the movie.

Nothing else exciting, ot unexciting is coming to mind (neither is the name of the book, DOH!) So I guess I will part with that. Have a terrific day, M