Tuesday, May 29, 2007

dog gone diggity dog

we lost one of our big games last night :( This game would have tied us for 1st, but hey, 3rd is good too! We play a non-losing team Friday, man....I'd sure love to beat them!! We'll see. But the girls played so well last night. I think they really fought to win, but it just didn't happen.

Any who...

It's been a little wild and crazy for the past couple of weeks. Taylor made varsity band this coming year and the volunteering has already begun. We worked the Daikin festival Friday and all I can say about that is OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! Note to self: Not volunteering to work the Daikin Festival next year!

I'm so freakin tired from everything. We worked that Friday from 3:45 to after 10 in the hot sun(until the sun we down). Then Saturday was the balloon festival at Point Mallard, spent all day there till on in the night at that. (And I have something to say about this too!) Uh....why is it when there are hundreds of people together in one place, that others have to wear less clothes? I seen more ass this weekend than I've seen my whole life. There was CRACK everywhere! BUTT CRACK! Of course, now I live in Alabama, and I can hear you all laughing now, but not all of us are rednecks. Yeah Yeah, OK, I AM, buttttttttttttttt (hehe Butt) But I'm a redneck who covers her tail up.

If those people were there from WHAT NOT TO WEAR, they would have had a field day. The bigger people got, the less clothes they had on. I'm a big girl myself, and I don't like the look of my rear, and I know no one else would care for it either. THAT'S WHY I COVER IT UP. Next year, write it down so you won't forget to check back, I will walk around with a sign saying, SAY NO TO CRACK! better remind me :)

On to Sunday............same shit different day, more crack. Spent the morning moving more stuff from the old house to the new, then back to Point Mallard for more pretty balloons and CRACK! I took more pictures of balloons and later was firecrackers and more CRACK!

Monday.............I can't even remember, OH, we slept in a little, and then we had ball practice at 4:30. We did practice, pictures and had a team party. Not too hectic anyway.

I forgot to mention, my big babies birthday was Friday, Glenn, he's 35 now :)

Yesterday it was back to work as usual, as today, same thing work and I have lots of it to do. I got a little behind last week.

So, that was a almost a week of the past, as far as before that, it is all a blurr. I'm lucky to have remembered the last few days.

Have a great day. SAY NO TO CRACK!