Monday, February 05, 2007

Evening all.......

keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow, another b-ball tournament game. We are to play the #1 team of the season. They beat us the last time we played them, but in over time! I believe it will be a good game.

Tomorrow, I will try to post................................a heart shaped tater. Oh yes. I was frying nu potatoes for dinner and one of the taters in that sack was in the shape of a heart. I told Glenn and the girls I was going to out it on ebay, lololololololololollololololol Hey it's almost Valentine's Day, you never know who might need a heart potato!!!! I left my camera at work or I'd post a picture tonight.

I got in a fun tool today,

If you do not have one of these or seen one, they are totally wicked awesome! A really fun tool that can be use for a variety of things. Very handy I might add too.

Taylor said it would be very useful to price stuff for yard sales :) *that's my girl....shes so smart*

It will attach button to paper and layouts, but the needle is not as small as I was thinking, so if the holes are too small, it will not work. The refill kits have 3 or 4 different length tags and colors.

*******************NEED HELP HERE IF POSSIBLE********************

I have a Girl Scout Brownie Troop, and Thinking Day is coming up at the end of March. The different Troops choose a country and we have to do a small swap and a food and/or drink for our county and the girls will each learn a line to say about that county.

So far, I have gotten 200 chopsticks for the swap. I want my girls to wear a kimono. I have been looking ALL DAY. There has to be a place to find these CHEAP!!! I need 6 for my girls ,size 8 will fit them all and one for me.

IF ANYONE, ANYONE has an idea of a cheap way to get 6 of the for the girls I would appreciate it so so much, please email me or post a comment. I looked at a pattern and they are not hard to make, or it doesn't seem so. But any help would be loved!

And one more thing, for the locals, who know me, if you have any Asian, Japanese rubber stamps that I cam borrow for a little while I would be so appreciative.

*******************NEED HELP HERE IF POSSIBLE********************

Well, I am tired, I'm having good thoughts of falling asleep. I have the weirdest dream last night. When I stop taking my meds, I start dreaming again. Funny huh?

Everyone have a good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!



Heather said...

Hi. I found your blog from a comment you left on one of my friends blog! LOL
Just wanted to say hi and that I stopped by to visit. I live in Athens...not too far from you!
Have a great night!
BTW, love your layouts...they are awesome!

~Telah said...

How did the game go?