Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Good Morning and Welcome all to another day, glad you could be with us. Misty #1 is patiently waiting for coffee and is SO HAPPY she is at work on the glorious sunshiny day. While Misty #2 has not taking her medicine yet and she is screaming for coffee and thinks this is a *#^$ @$#& &;@* &*#! & #?&@ day! She also said to tell you HI.

Hannah-Claire lost her basketball game Saturday. She played good and she got down and dirty. She doesn’t let anyone push her around. I got a few pictures but the ones on the digital sucked. I got some on film with my good camera, but have not got them developed yet. I'll post a crappy one but I don't want any comments on how "you know I can take better pictures than that." *YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE* Heifer!

The puppies were 4 weeks old yesterday and we took them around the neighbor with us as we sold Girl Scout cookies. They are fat little things. Saturday was the first day WE fed them soft puppy food. My BIL said we were feeding them too much when he brought the kids by to see them Sunday afternoon. I said, "Yesterday was the first day we fed them and all they did was lick all the juice up in the pan, didn't even eat the food." Mommy is a good milker. :) I just hope we can get rid of them in 2 weeks. We can barely feed the kids, let alone more dogs. It's kinda like that joke, "sit the kids down and tell them that due to the tight money situation in the family; we're gonna have to let one of you go."

I got to scrap Sunday, not as much as I wanted to this weekend, but I managed to get 2 layouts done and about 3 put together to work on for later. I'll post them as soon as I take a pic of them. Unless the coach calls for practice tonight, I might get to scrap some more.

Taylor got an Ipod for Christmas and that day we came to work so she could download the itunes thingy and put music on it. She bought several songs and we finally got it all figured out and made folders and all that junk. So, Friday while I was here at work, I'm cleaning out old pics, documents and trying to clean up my computer a little. I moved the ITunes folder to a place where I could find it easier. Well...................................when I went to listen to the music, all of it was GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I thought, "you dumb shit, what did you do?" And now that I think back on it...I MIGHT have gotten as error message and hum hum hum hum la te da (didn't pay attention to it.) I got on the IPOD site trying to figure out what I did wrong. Then in bright red letters, DO NOT MOVE YOUR MUSIC FOLDER OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MUSIC FILES *or in so many words* All I could think of is all that music she paid for. I dug and a file on the download had the music she purchased in it, but it will not add to itunes unless I click and listen to each one. I am sure there is a much easier way but I'll do it the hard way since I screwed it up in the first place, that's what I get. Luckily I think she has enough music on there to last her awhile. There was a reason for me mentioned that but.....I forgot now. DOH! Maybe it was, DON'T move your ITUNES Folder! *that's my 2-second thought process for ya*

Well, I better get back to work, enough gibber from me today. Toodles! M