Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tuesday it rained a light rain all afternoon and part of the evening. Before it got too dark, this is what we saw..........................

It actually made a full arch, but my camera couldn't get it all in the picture. The girls had a fit and we looked at it for the longest. Seems I remembering it being much brighter than the photos show.

Taylor catching the rainbow......yeah, lame......I KNOW.

This is a little curio cabinet I finished up a couple of days ago. I think I liked it alot better before the mod podge. I paid $5 for it at Hobby Lobby, good deal to me :)

I apologize for being so BORING lately. I just have not been in the mood to crack on anything or say inspirational stuff. (yeah I know I never said anything inspirational with me)

I think I would have plenty to say if I had my computer back at home (she's sick). Cause when I yak yak here at work, I do it at lunch and the only thing I am thinking of then is eating. You know you don't talk with your mouth full. (yeah, that was lame too. I'm just full of lameness today)

Okay I better go now before I said something else stupid. Good Day, M