Friday, December 22, 2006

They just let us know that we could leave at 12 today, yeah!!!

I still got 3 gifts to get and last night, the mall parking lot was FULL! I wasn't going but I had to ride thru to get something to eat. After I leave here, I MIGHT go and try to finish. Just the thought of it makes me nauseous.

Over the past several months I've had photo sessions with the girls for calendars. They made a little booboo on them when they came in. Hannah-Claire's name was spelled wrong. They let me keep the wrong ones and they are reordering me new ones. They won't be in by Christmas now, but it's okay. One of the calendar's I decided to cut up. I've cut all the pictures out and used them to scrap with. Jennifer at Legacy Portraits here in Decatur took all the pictures, they are all terrific. She has been taking pictures of my girls for a long time. Taylor was 3 months old when took her first pics.

I got my first Poppy Ink Kit in the mail this week. It is TOTALLY awesome, I can't wait to get more. So with the calendar pictures I cut up and the Poppy kit, this is what I came up with so far....

This will be all from me till after Christmas unless I get my computer back today, but I don't think I will. So.......MerRy ChRIStMaS !!! Be safe for all of you who are traveling!