Thursday, December 28, 2006

You know it almost 2007 and we normally come up with a "list" of New Years Resolutions? Well mine is NOT to make a "list". Heck I never stick to it anyway, does anybody, really? You try for a good two months and then you forget all about it. We're too busy, or we seem to think we are.

So, just for the fun of it, I'll make a vertical series of sentences *grin* that I would like to work on in the FUTURE:

Play more games with the girls (not snatch away their Nintendo and play it myself as they stare me down)

scrap more (and I don't mean fight)

Notice more Rainbows and Sunsets

Try to contain the 2 personalities I have and not let any others surface (two is all I can keep up with right now)

Keep telling Misty #2 that the house IS locked up and go to sleep

Tell the girls I love them more that once a day

Make my kisses harder to find (the girls are asleep when I leave for work, when I leave I kiss them, with lip stick on and when they get up they look for it)

Not to get or take any more animals (1 frog, 2 cats, 3 puppies and 4 dogs are plenty)

and . . .

Glenn and I need to do more together, like go out to eat or see a movie more than twice a year.

With all that said, I played with the girls last night. We all played with the lite bright. It's a lot easier when we all have our own side.

I think we may play Yatzee tonight. Taylor got that Yatzee Blast for Christmas so we need to try it out.

Later Gators...................M