Monday, December 18, 2006

I came into work today and there he was-UGLY. I had forgotten all about him being here. To bad someone didn't steal him. Things walk off up here at work all the time, but OH NO, not this god awful looking thing. I'd throw him in the garbage but he kinda reminds me of the demonic puzzle box in HELLRAISER. Once you have it, you've been found and pinhead in summoned! Then you are dragged into hell, or worse.....WALMART! I'll give someone 5 bucks to take it! lol

I got Taylor's IPOD Nano in the mail today. I can't believe $200 could be in such a small box? She hasn't asked for much this year. The IPOD, a new phone and Nintendo DS. All of which being kinda pricey, but she ain't a baby any more. No more bath toys. I got all she wanted, but I think, all she has is 3 SMALL gifts that can all go in a stocking, and Hannah-Claire has a closet full of presents I got for her. Taylor knows what things cost now, so I'm sure she'll know why that's all she got. Gezzz....the smaller things get the more they are.

I did good this weekend, all I have is 3 gifts to get now!! I went to all the "different" shops around town. Stores I don't go to much, if at all. I found unique gifts and I am rather proud of myself. Me and the girls went to the mall Saturday night and seemed I got more for personal use and not many gifts.

Hubby got us all a new phone Friday night. Hannah-Claire too! She got the Migo and it is good cause she can only call the numbers we programmed in. I got the Chocolate phone and I LOVES it. You don't realize how outdated your phone is till you get another one.

Have a good week, stay sain, M