Monday, November 27, 2006

It was nice, wished I had 4 more off. I'm back in my office freezing to death while I listen to a little John Mayer.

Did the Shopping go well?

Mine did! :) Didn't go, hehe I didn't say I'd get this..this...and this, (and then not get it) so I didn't disappoint myself. Too many of those already, no need to add to the list.

My girls come first anyway.....I get their and the others will (or will not) follow. They haven't ask for much either.

Well, the shopping thing will continue from here on out. So you won't see me out too much. Hope you all get some good buys! M

Thought of the day: If Hooters was to start door to door delivery, would they need to change their name to Knockers?