Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Here is my Turkey !!!!

Isn't this the cutest bird you ever seen?!

It's here, Thanksgiving and *BLINK* now it's Christmas! It seems like yesterday I turned 32, back in April! Time.......that's what you do *blink* and your all gone.

Taylor cam home yesterday and said they had an assignment at school, If you could invite anyone over for Thanksgiving, a celebrity, who would it be? My first thought was Robin Williams and then I thought if I could have ANYONE, I'd love to have my Granny back. My Great Grandmother, who passed many many years ago. She died a year before Taylor was born and I miss her so much.

Yesterday I realized I had not thought of her in awhile until I saw the circus train car then it brought a smile to my face. She was in the circus and I got to thinking of all the stories she use to tell me at bed time. She died at 83 and up until she passes, she could still do the splits! What a wonderful person she was.

Enjoy being with your family tomorrow and remember the ones who can't be with you.

Also, have fun shopping on Friday. I won't be shopping, I'll be in my warm home scrapbooking and chuckling! Chuckling from the thoughts of people fighting over parking spots, people standing in line for HOURS for some crazy toy that the store will have TONS of the day after Christmas! If that is what cracks your nut, you go right ahead! People turn into Dr. Jerk and Mr. asshole. I hate shopping and just thinking about "Black Friday" makes my eye twitch.

Have fun doing YOUR thing this weekend! M

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but its ok to use a handicapped toilet?